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4d - intense pulse light facial

treatments for:

Facial Lines & Wrinkles

Ageing, stress and other factors takes away the freshness of your Skin leaving facial lines and wrinkles. Laser resurfacing helps you gain glass skin. It applies moderate pulsating beams of light to removing uneven skin layer-by-layer. It led to more protein collagen production in a natural way thus giving newer, smoother, tight and radiant skin- for an ever youthful look.

Broken Capillaries

Broken capillaries is a problem with the tiny blood vessels that become visible near the surface of the skin and usually appear as streaks or blotches. Laser can aim at these marks of displeasure to remove their specific colors and uneven structures. Rest assure, controlled laser beams are a safe solution that never affect near the below or above part of the treated portion.

Collagen Stimulation

As age moves, low production of two key proteins- collagen and elastin loses their role to keep Skin tight, fleshy, and toned. Laser light penetrates skin layers to stimulate proteins production naturally resulting in new collagen growth.

Hyper Pigmentation

Causes for pigmentation varies from environmental factors, hormonal changes and hypo or hyper pigmentation resulting to dark spots, sun spots, freckles and much more. Laser’s energy treatment is fast, gentle and non-invasive and produces an even skin tone plus radiant fresh looking skin.

Red Vascular Veins

Web of red veins commonly known as Spider veins often start to spread across legs or face with age, obesity, trauma, fluctuations in hormone levels and heredity. Laser light beam targets the faulty red blood molecule to make it disappear with every consecutive session.

Sun damage

Ultraviolet Rays (UV) of Sun, damages the outer layers of skin and penetrates deeper layers of skin causing dark spots, premature aging and other complications. Laser resurfacing takes away top damaged layer and heats the underneath layers for collagen production and new radiant skin.

Acne & Scars

Acne and Scars are in part age related and hormonal eruptions are another factor in these issues arising. Acne scars are marks of inflamed lesions; obvious reasons being skin pores being clogged with dirt, excess grease, dead skin cells, bacteria and other invasions. Laser beams focus upper layers of skin and breakup scar tissues reduce their form and lessens the pain. Eventually, it heals the acne and helps grow new healthy skin cells to substitute scar tissue.

Enlarged / Open Pores

Usually, more oils, genetics, age, Sun damage and blackheads lead to large or enlarged pores are more visible. They tend to be found on oily or aging skin and can get clogged with debris and oils, like sebum, that should flow out of pores. It is an open cause of concern to invite many skin complications besides being a trouble in itself. Laser is an advanced step to minimize your pores by new collagen production which tightens the pores.

Folliculitis (Ingrown hair)

Painful red bumps, boils, blisters and yellow-or white- tipped pimples appear in this acute skin condition. Major causes are bacteria, viruses, fungi, and even inflammation from ingrown hair. Laser therapy ensures every treatment eliminates as many hair follicles to prevent any future outbreaks.

Epidermal Melasma

Darker patches of skin gradually develops on the cheeks, forehead, nose, chin and upper lip in woman between 25-40 years which may blot their self-esteem. Culprits for this discoloration are sun exposure, birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy (HRT and progesterone), internal hormonal changes as during pregnancy, family history of melasma, race and anti-seizure medications. Laser light therapy speeds up the removal of pathways for melanin and promises a fresher appearance plus glow to the skin.


Rosacea is a common skin condition that causes redness and visible blood vessels in your face. It may also produce small red, pus-filled bumps. These signs and symptoms may flare up for weeks to months and then go away for a while. Laser treatment absorbed by red blood cells and destroys the lining of inflamed and visible blood vessels.