The BEST Pricing for Laser Hair Removal and Skin Treatments in KAMLOOPS!

Laser Hair Removal

device options:
kdt-750 (Kayola) or
nubody dermalaze

AFT IPL technology is the advanced version of IPL that uses narrower wavelength of light instead of the broad spectrum normally used in traditional IPL. Often regarded as the next generation of IPL, this noninvasive and non-ablative technology utilizes a unique fluorescence filter that converts the UV spectrum into a safer visible spectrum that allows more precise and targeted treatment.

It delivers repetitive pulses of low fluence on the skin that gently heat it in a gliding and zapping motion. This makes the treatment faster while enhancing the results that last longer. It reduces the session time therefore making the treatment comfortable, painless with no downtime even for those who have sensitive skin.

Laser depilation or photoepilator process on a woman leg.